• Facilitated team building sessions between the sales and research & development teams at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company. The intervention resulted in a more cohesive environment, which improved collaboration between the two divisions.
  • Designed and implemented leadership development and succession planning programs, which enabled the organization to fill key positions with internal talent. The organization experienced a reduction of leadership turnover by 25 percent, from the prior year.
  • Designed and facilitated a strategic process, and team building sessions for a small, non-profit organization. The majority of the individuals that provided services were volunteers whose engagement levels had diminished.
  • Designed and implemented management-training and leadership-development programs that addressed cultural and style differences with a Western European financial services organization, which has offices in seven U.S. states. Initiatives reduced employee turnover rate by 75 percent, from the prior year.
  • Designed and implemented a national workforce planning process for the global sales department at a Fortune 500 medical device company.
  • Developed a workforce planning process to address the anticipated gap in senior leadership as baby boomers reached retirement age. We also Initiated workshops and facilitated strategic planning sessions to address generational differences.
  • Facilitated a strategic planning process for a church with an emphasis on cultural change.